Lee surrenders

Grant Surrendering to Lee after the Battle of the Wilderness

The Victorious Southern StatesEdit

In 1862, Judah P. Benjamin, CS Secretary of State convinced the French and British to join the war against the Union. Following the Decisive Battle of Gettysburg, the Confederates were able to capture Washington. In 1864, General Grant of the Union Surrendered to Confederate General Robert Lee following the Battle of the Wilderness.

Pre-20th CenturyEdit

The Confederate Reconstruction EraEdit

Following the Confederate Revolutionary War, the South suffered from a bad economy and poor living conditions. In 1866 Orson Doswell is elected president of the CSA, he successfully strenghtens the Alliance formed during the War with France and Britain, despite being a slave based state. Under this time, old American Capitalism combined with Slave Trading and the Confederacy began to flurrish.

The Prusso-American AllianceEdit

In 1868, the Americans aranged an alliance with Prussia to counter the CS-European Alliances. During the Formation of Germany and the Franco-Prussian War, the US supported the Germans.

The Spannish-Confederate WarEdit

In 1898, the CSS Clara was sunk off the coast of Cuba, triggering the Spannish-Confederate War. During the War, the Germans bought the Philippines from Spain, but this came too little too late. Spain's empire finally fellapart when the CSA tookover Cuba and Puerto Rico.

The 20th CenturyEdit

The Rising SunEdit

After winning the Sino-Japanese War, Japan set out to compete with the Western Powers. In 1904-1905 they won the Russo-Japanese War and in 1910 succeded in colonizing Korea.