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The Confederate States of America, also known officially as the Confederacy or the CSA, is the main antagonist faction of American Storm's early stories.


Establishment and ExpansionsEdit

In 1861, 7 American States seceded from the Union over the issue of slavery. By Year's end another 4 states joined them and the Confederate Revolutionary War began. The CS was initially on the loosing side but Confederate Diplomat Judah P. Benjamin convinced Britain and France to support the Confederacy, leading to the Confederate Victory in the Battle of Gettysburg. After the treaty of London in 1863, the CS became an independent country, but its tensions with the United States

never went down. In the 1870's the CSA bought out all of Western Mexico turning it into the 2 states of West Mexico and Baja California.

The CSA at the turn of the Century

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CS Troops fighting in the Battle of Cape Terry, West Virginia

World War 1Edit

In 1914 Britain and France attacked Germany's Protectorates in Africa. When the CS declared war on the German Empire in 1914, the US also declared war against them. The war lasted 4 years and was the first time tanks, planes, and poison gas were used.

The Black Uprising of 1916Edit

The first war in which second class black citizens served as soldiers in Confederate History, CS Blacks all over the entire Military Front, in 1916, rebelled against CS authority, despite the fact that it was put down by early 1917 it cost the CS its war effort and in 1918 the Country requested an armistice with the US.
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Black Soldiers who later Rebelled against the CSA during World War I

The Treaty of New YorkEdit

In 1918 following the armistice, the US Stripped Baja California and West Mexico from the CS and ordered the demilitarization of Oklahoma. This hurt the Confederate People's pride as a nation and the country fell into deep recession, many people began to regard blacks as the cause of losing the war.

Interwar YearsEdit

Life in the CS was very difficult and well fare was at its poorest. Phillip Stone, a lieutenant from the war who won the Medal of the Southern Cross, in 1919 joined the new Confederate Patriots Party, which he came to takeover in 1921 and renamed it the Patriotic Socialist Party. The Party was on the rise as more and more people were seduced by Stone's promises of the "Greater Confederacy" and his slanders against the blacks. In 1923, in Huston, Stone and his followers attempted a revolution against the CS Government but it was dispersed within a few days. Stone was locked up in prison following the Huston Revolt. While in prison he wrote his book called The Shepard's Struggle, which further deepened Confederate Hatred towards the Blacks and the Americans. After Stone served a year in prison in 1924, he quickly re-organized the Iron Party and instead campaigned for the presidency in 1933. He won in a landslide.

The Yoke of StoneEdit

Initially when Stone took power, blacks all over the country tried to revolt again but were suppressed. Following this Stone declared Marshal Law. In 1935, Stone acquired a powerful weapon from Ancient Times; the Spear of Destiny. Stone began to set in motion his plans of conquering the World.